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09/10 - Test date

06/08 - Test Results

05/18 - New test form
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Is your warmup helping or hurting?  The NY Times has a good article on stretching before exercising.  Click here to see it.

Freestyle Stickers at Sharpstown Ice Center.  The form for purchasing at the club price is located on the Forms page.
A brief history of Iceland FSC of Houston through 1982 has been provided by Phil Snider.

In support of our local skating community Iceland FSC of Houston has recently donated money to a skating documentary which includes an appearance by Shannon Keeler.  We also sponsored Paula Moore at a judging school and Linda Stiegler at an accounting school.  We look forward to the additional expertise they will bring to the Houston skating community.

We are now affiliated with  You can support your club by selling items there and designating Iceland FSC to receive a percentage of the proceeds..
There have been some changes to the Board.  Please check the Board page for details.

Congratulations to Iole Bispo, Christine Bowyer, Toby Bowyer, and Emily Feng on passing their tests on January 19th.

Congratulations to Grace Huang for passing her Novice Moves in the Field at the June 8th test session.

Out next test session is Friday, October 4th beginning at 5 PM.  Applications must be post marked no later than September 18th.